so, i did end up at DCC today.

i had a couple people CHASING ME DOWN yelling catbug! catbug! some pix + hugs. even with another catbug! she was wearing an aperture science shirt, i gave her my last sugar pea. also i know i look 12, i am actually turning 26 in three weeks, so. anyway i like my costume despite it being pretty slapped together, but whatever it’s FINE.

we didn’t spend too long in line to get inside, luckily. i heard there were a lot of issues with that on the first day. hopefully, next year they’ll know what not to do and make sure they have enough badges for each day (i mean i guess friday passholders could get in for free today, feasibly…).

bought some overpriced GE sailor moon stuff and an old folder thing. brandon got these japanese emoticon pins, it was 5 for $4 and we think maybe we got too many.

we also bought this mini comic from sam spina and he signed it and also gave me a BUTT BUTTOn wow i am really excited about that, buddy.

also there was a harry and the potter’s table?!?!? wit h comics by joe degeorge but i didn’t buy any but i should have, probably. i want to go to their “secret” show tonight but i’m really tired and it’s too hot out to go all the way back downtown…

anyway i enjoyed myself overall except when i got hungry and grumpy and then we got pizza and i was fine.



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